Buying Beds at Caseys


Mattress and Bed Buying Guide

The average person spends 25 years of their life in bed asleep! Make sure it’s a comfortable 25.

In order to get the perfect night’s sleep, the foundation-your bed and mattress needs to offer support and comfort. We recommend buying a mattress and bed together to ensure a perfect match.

At Caseys we have a wide selection of quality mattresses including our Caseys Collection made exclusively for Casey’s in Ireland, which offer exceptional quality and remarkable value. We always recommend that you visit one of our stores to try out a bed before ordering online or by phone. Let our sleep expert’s help you choose wisely.

Questions to ask before buying a new bed:
• Do I need a new bed? (Obviously, a great question to start with).
• Is your mattress more than 7 years old? Can you remember where you bought it? Caseys we hope! 
• Does your mattress show signs of wear and tear? Springs poking out? Saggy in parts? The part you avoid every night.
• Do you regularly complain about being tired or having a bad night sleep? Nobody wants to hear about your bad night’s sleep.
• Is your bed big enough for when your children sneak in, during the middle of the night?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it means it’s time to consider a new purchase.

Top Tips for buying a Bed and Mattress:

• It’s an investment, don’t compromise on price.
• Relax and try before you buy. Try the bed in all of the sleeping positions you tend to use, not only on your back, and try a selection of beds for comparison. If you share a bed, take your partner with you
• Match mattress to divan. A mattress alone cannot provide support; a divan has specific springs or surface in order to allow the mattress to contour to the body shape. We recommend replacing both or buying both together to ensure a perfect match.

Different Types of Mattresses

We offer a wide range at prices to suit every pocket. One of the biggest causes of sleepless nights is fluctuations 
in body temperature, so we offer some mattresses with 100% natural fillings to keep you comfortable all year round. Technology has advanced mattresses with the introduction of viscos elastic, gel and pocket springs to give the body the ultimate pressure relief and optimum support.

1. Open Spring Mattress
This was the most commonly-used springing system in the world for budget-priced mattresses. A border rod or wire gives the mattress a firm edge and helps retain its shape. The sides are machine stitched rather than hand-stitched.

2. Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattresses are recommended if there's a size difference between you and your partner, as it minimises the risk of you rolling towards each other during the night. These types of mattresses are generally more luxurious, with individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets. The springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. The sides are stitched for strong, stable edges and is hand stitching which is a sign of craftsmanship and quality.

Top Tips for caring for your Mattress:

• We recommend using a mattress protector or sheet.
• Rotate your mattress regularly to maximise lifespan.
• After delivery let your mattress air for four hours to remove any aroma from storage. Once a week ensure your mattress has space to breath by removing the covers completely.

Different Type of Beds:

1. Divans
Divans act as bases for mattresses and either have springs, which allow the mattress to adapt to the body's contours, or a solid top, which provides firmer support. A divan is useful if you're tight on space as most are available with drawers to provide additional storage.
2. Bedsteads
Bedsteads are more decorative and will provide a definite classic or contemporary look to your bedroom. A bowed slat (or sprung slat) bedstead will give more cushioned support than a solid slat.
3. Extra Features: 
We have beds that come with or without a headboard, to allow you make the choice. If you have a small room or space, consider a sofa bed to cater to guests or allow more space in a room. Under bed storage can be an ideal addition to a bed also, consider this option when buying a bed.

The Perfect Night Sleep: Now you have the perfect bed set up, here’s a few tips on getting the perfect night’s sleep.

• Avoid caffeine 4-6 hours before bed.
• Avoid bright lights and technology 1 hour before bed.
• Light exercise 3-4 times a week aids sleep but not close to bedtime.
• Avoid eating 1 hour before sleep in order to allow food to digest. 
• Drink chamomile, lavender or peppermint tea to help relax before bedtime. 
• Create an attainable bedtime routine.