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The Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism

The Rainbow Club means the world to families, children, young teens and adults. Supporting their needs in coping with the world and challenges they face on a daily basis of all ages. We want to help, support, teach, so many people that we can about Autism, how to live everyday with it the challenges it brings to the child and family.
Coping with the diagnoses of a child and getting the support from each other teaching children to communicate make new friends be part of a group learn new skills and being themselves accepting Autism, finding their own place in the world. With the help you have shown and giving us, we can achieve so much more for the children and their families.

The Cork City Marathon is taking place on Sunday 4th of June. Over 25 team members from Caseys Furniture will be taking part across the full marathon, half marathon and 10KM run. They will be running on behalf of The Rainbow Clun Cork. Please show your support for our amazing team by donating now.