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Modern Architecture Picture
Add this colourful painting to your home and instantly contribute a modern touch to any room. This piece shows a house by a pool in distinct shapes and bold colours. The fitted picture hooks on the frame make wall mounting easy for you. Pop Art styleThe plain dark frameReady fitted hooks on the frame make it easy to hangWeight: 7.7kg

RRP €399.00 Our Price €319.00

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Pavo Real Framed Canvas
Pavo Real Framed Canvas

RRP €445.00 Our Price €335.00

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Picture Touched Flower Lady
Whether hung centrally as a single piece in a room or with a collection of pictures, this colourful Touched Flower Lady painting stands out & immediately lifts the mood. Portrait-format, colourful canvas printHand-painted details in acrylic

RRP €215.00 Our Price €165.00

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Empire State Building Picture Art
An incredibly artistic rendition of one of New York City's most iconic buildings. This handmade 3D collage of the Empire State Building is impressive and each piece is unique. Handmade 3D CollagePolystyrene frameMDF back panelEach piece unique

RRP €239.00 Our Price €199.00

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Doggy Eyes Picture
This hand-painted dog eye piece is a fantastic decor addition for dog lovers. Inject a bit of colour and unique design into your living room, dining room, or hallway. Material: CanvasBack panel: Fir solid woodAcrylic paintVertical wall fixing

RRP €199.00 Our Price €149.00

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Yak In Flower Canvas Picture
Introducing the captivating canvas picture featuring a majestic Yak amidst vibrant flowers. This enchanting artwork captures the beauty of nature and the grace of these magnificent creatures in a stunning visual display. The vivid colours and intricate details of the flowers and the Yak create a captivating focal point that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your home or office.

RRP €239.00 Our Price €179.00

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Van Gogh Irises
Immerse your space in the timeless beauty of Van Gogh's "Irises" with this exquisite framed print. The vivid colors and intricate brushstrokes of the iconic masterpiece are faithfully reproduced, capturing the essence of the original artwork. The high-quality frame adds a touch of elegance, making it a striking focal point for any room. Bring the charm of Van Gogh's art into your home with this framed print of "Irises," a perfect blend of artistic allure and classic sophistication.

RRP €95.00 Our Price €75.00

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Glass Triptychon Grand Canyon Picture
A beautiful panorama style picture of the Grand Canyon brilliantly broken into three sections & displayed behind glass for a unique, modern finish. Weight: 39kg Picture: Polypropylene Front: 4mm Laminated Toughened Safety Glass

RRP €1,185.00 Our Price €915.00

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Jazzy Lady
A wonderful striking piece, this beautiful jazzy lady picture is sure to make a statement in your home. Glass picture

RRP €415.00 Our Price €319.00

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Peace Sign Canvas Picture
This picture for the wall is so rich in detail that you can always discover new motifs on it: a butterfly, a skull ring or a crown with glittering stones.

RRP €235.00 Our Price €185.00

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Planos Acrylic Painting
Transform your space with this stunning painting that offers a captivating visual experience. Display it as a focal point in your home to add depth, texture, and sophistication. Material: Acrylic painting on canvasWeight: 4.0kg

RRP €415.00 Our Price €329.00

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Be Happy Canvas Picture
The hand-painted Be Happy picture captivates with a vibrant array of colour brushstrokes that dance with vitality. Displayed in your living room or part of a hallway gallery, this piece enhances allure and charm. CanvasAcrylic PaintFor wall fixing horizontal and vertical

RRP €479.00 Our Price €379.00

Zon Wall Art
This Sun Wall Art radiates warmth and elegance and is the perfect size to become a focal point in your living room or hallway. Pair with the Moon Wall Art for a truly stunning visual experience. Colour: Gold and blackMaterial: Polyurethane, cardboard, MDF, paper

RRP €335.00 Our Price €285.00

Batari Printed Canvas
The Batari Printed Canvas portrays strength and elegance with vivid colours and meticulous detailing. Transport yourself to a world of traditional charm and sophistication. Printed canvasOriental womanFrame finished in brush gold on black colour

RRP €595.00 Our Price €475.00

Prana Printed Canvas
Immerse your space in the rich tapestry of culture and beauty with the Prana Printed Canvas. This piece is brought to life with vivid colours and intricate details. Printed canvasFrame finished in brushed silver on black

RRP €615.00 Our Price €489.00

Maan Wall Art
This enchanting Moon Wall Art is a stunning masterpiece that will delight and inspire for years to come. Brighten your home with this celestial splendor. Colour: Gold and blackMaterial: Polyurethane, cardboard, MDF, paper

RRP €335.00 Our Price €285.00

Dust Gold Framed Picture
The Dust Gold Framed Picture is a captivating blend of hues, hand-painted with plaster filling, imparting a distinctive allure. Adding to its charm, the piece is embellished with delicate golden accents, further enhancing its visual appeal. CanvasSolid pine frameHooks for mounting already fitted on the back

RRP €699.00 Our Price €559.00

Artistas Orange Framed Picture
The Artistas Orange Framed Picture introduces a vibrant burst of colour and style for your walls. This striking artwork showcases a dynamic composition of orange, blue, and white hues, adding energy and personality to any space. Image printed on: Polyester, Frame: PolystyreneFor wall fixing, VerticalWeight: 10.5kg

RRP €645.00 Our Price €515.00

Bubble Gum Print
The Bubble Gum Print is a reinterpreted piece that offers a playful twist. The combination of the sophistication of the Elizabethan era with the vibrant charm of bubble gum adds a contemporary feel to any room. Printed photographSet on tempered glassIronwork to hold to the wall included

RRP €439.00 Our Price €349.00

Artistas Blue Framed Picture
The Artistas Blue Framed Picture, printed on durable polyester, boasts vivid colors for a captivating visual impact. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or office, this artwork adds a pop of color and personality to your walls. Image printed on: Polyester, Frame: PolystyreneFor wall fixing, VerticalWeight: 10.5kg

RRP €645.00 Our Price €515.00

Wendy Framed Picture
Wendy Framed Picture

RRP €469.00 Our Price €315.00

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Alu Man in the Sky Picture
The great Alu Man in the Sky Picture is printed on 4 mm Aluminum polished and is a stylish, modern addition to a room. Weight: 5.4kg

RRP €519.00 Our Price €385.00

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