What We Offer ...

At Caseys Furniture we have a very strong bond with our customers, we have a passion that drives us to want the best for their needs and wants. We have combined our passion for our customers with a new-found passion for the well-being of the environment to create a new furniture recycling service. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we all do our bit to try to reduce and reuse. The importance of sustainability is something that has only been recently introduced to many of us, but it is something which we are keen to make the most of. This is why we have decided to introduce a new service which will allow you to recycle your old mattresses, bedframes and sofas upon the arrival of your new order at your home.


Why Should I Recycle?

We are living in age where we are massively trying to undo the colossal damage that we have done to the environment. One of the ways that we can try to help to make a change for the better here at Caseys is to allow our customers the opportunities to recycle their unwanted products. Once your mattress has been taken away we can assure you that the materials will be used in the most beneficial way possible, both for the environment and the customer.


How Can I Avail Of This Offer?

If this service is something that you are interested in you call the store with your order number and we will arrange to take your old pieces.


Products & Prices

Mattresses: €30

Mattress & Divan: €60

3 Seater Sofa: €90

2 Seater Sofa: €60

Armchair: €30

Bed Frame: €30*

*Bed frames must be disassembled for removal