Small Dining Room, Big Design: Ideas to Transform Your Space

For many homes, the dining room is the centre of the home. It’s where memorable home-cooked romantic dates take place and where you gather for simple weeknight dinners with the family. This space is meant to gather everyone and enjoy delicious food while catching up. While there’s this idea that this space needs to be big, maybe having its own room, it’s honestly further from the case.

From awkward floor space to little corners in the kitchen, this space can leave an impact. So if you’re wondering how you can utilise this small footprint of your home, don’t worry, as there are so many small dining room ideas to make this space into a show stopper! These small dining room design ideas will have your space appear larger and gorgeous, and you can count on some space-saving hacks too.

What Does a Small Dining Room Need?

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a dining room in a small space is neglecting to get the core items. So, what are the core items needed in a dining room? A dining area is going to need a dining table and dining chairs. Even the smallest of dining spaces, such as those that are a living room and dining room combo will still need these two core items.

Whether you choose to have circular tables in the living area is going to be up to you, but what matters most is at least accommodating some floor space in your home in order to have this small dining room. After having these core items, you can then make way for small dining room ideas. A great option for a small dining room is the Carolina Athena Round Dining Table, this carefully hand-crafted piece is bound to give your dining room the perfect solution to a dining table that doesn’t overwhelm the space. 

Consider Extendable Tables

If you need small dining room inspiration for your home, just know that extendable tables are going to be your friend. You can often find them in dining room sets for small spaces too. Our Ford Extending Dining Table is a major favourite for our customers. This extending table is ideal for those living room dining room combo areas as it’s small enough to pair nicely in the room without taking up too much space. Besides, getting it to extend is a breeze too! 

Bring Storage and Decor Together

How can you create a visually appealing dining room in a small space? It’s all about the pieces of furniture that you select and how you choose to use them. Every kitchen and dining room will have items that are needed. These need to go somewhere when they’re not in use, so why not go with sideboards

Not only are these an excellent storage solution, but were traditionally used for displaying food too during those big celebrations. Fortunately, sideboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and could look in nearly all dining spaces. If you’re looking for a more modern look, then our Travis 3-door sideboard could easily make you swoon! For all of you wine lovers out there, Caseys has something for you, too, the Lewis Large Sideboard is excellent for not only storing your unused dining items, but the wine storage looks amazing.

Get Creative with Spacing

Not every home is going to have that traditional dining space, especially smaller apartments or small modern homes. Just think about it, why not go for bar stools rather than traditional chairs? Bar stools offer a more stylistic approach to the nontraditional dining space. You’re able to make visual distinctions within the space such as adding more dimension, and it helps make the room look taller thanks to the long legs of the stool.

A great example would be the Reclaimed Swivel Stool; this adds a touch of sophistication while keeping the space looking chic at the same time. Alternatively, you can have something with a bit of edge, such as a bar stool featuring steel footing and hardwood. This is ideal for any dining area where you’re looking to create some industrial flare.  You could even go for the Pero dining chair, which would work beautifully as a dining table and as a regular chair for sitting in the living room.

Why not opt for tall and narrow tables? Some homeowners will just utilise their kitchen counter or island and work this as their bar/ dining table. It’s all going to be about what you find to be the most comfortable and what looks best for your home. It’s all about working with the space that you have rather than going against it. Having too big furniture will make the space look cluttered and cramped, which is far from a good look.

Go For Benches For More Seating Space

Have you ever considered going for something more retro, like benches? While benches are reminiscent of outdoor picnics or classic American-themed diners, these can have a chic look. Plus, benches make for adorable breakfast nooks, and if you want something that looks extra adventurous, you can combine the bench with mixed dining chairs.

Mixing up the wooden element of the bench with upholstered chairs is one of the best ways to keep your small dining room looking trendy while still incorporating a classic look. It’s become increasingly popular over the years and this mismatched look is perfect for creating some additional contrast in your small dining area. If you’re wanting some small uniformity, you can even opt for the same style of chairs or even use the same cushioning for your benches and chairs. 

Plus, a major benefit of benches is the storage space they provide, unlike traditional dining chairs. You can add some storage underneath your benches, such as square wicker baskets. 

Round Tables With Matching Tuck-in Chairs

Whether it’s a living and dining room together with small spaces or just a small room just for dining, the furniture needs to be simple. It’s going to be simplistic shapes that work best for smaller dining rooms. The small round dining room table is going to be one of the best options. They have a smaller footprint compared to square or rectangular tables. 

Small round dining table sets look marvelous and can fit nicely in combo rooms, kitchen corners, or as the focal point of a small room. our Travis Round Dining Table is only 120cm, plus with its sleek and timeless design; it will uplift any space.

Create the Illusion of a Larger Space

Small spaces can sometimes feel fairly uncomfortable, especially for dining, but the way to fix it is to make it feel bigger. So, how do you create the illusion of a larger space? One of the biggest ways to conjure up this illusion is going to be with the power of lighting. But how can you maximise natural light in a small dining room? Well, it’s all going to be about placement.

Where you place your dining furniture and how much natural light you’re allowing in. Lighting is the most important aspect of making a space look and feels bigger than it actually is. There are numerous small dining room lighting ideas out there, but combining layers of lights is going to be key. Allow natural light to come in with sheer curtains, and utilise your light fixture to have dimmable lights.

Don’t forget about lights such as table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights such as sconces either. Basically, the more light in a space, the larger it’s going to appear. You can even take this up an additional notch by utilising light colours such as beiges and whites, as this help spread more light throughout the space. 

Mirrors will be your friend, too, as they reflect light in the dining room. Light is going to be the best way to create the illusion of a lighter space, and light colours are ideal for small dining rooms as they help spread light, allowing for the space to feel larger.

Look into Multi-Functional Chairs

If your dining space shares a spot in the living room or if you’re living in a studio, then you should definitely try this. Just think about it, you’d have nice chairs for sitting in the living room, and then these could be used for dinner time too. Our Armin chair is a major favourite, and it has the perfect balance between being a dining chair while being soft and comfortable enough for sitting for long chats or if you’re just looking to unwind at the end of the day with a good book.

Embrace the Bars 

Nowadays, the traditional dining room is fading, and it’s now up to homeowners and what they’re after. From bar tables, countertops, and even all the way to kitchen islands, why not utilise these when you’re limited on space? Not every dining room needs to have a traditional table. Is it OK not to have a dining table? Of course, this is your home; you can use your space however you’d like.

For a more refined look, you can opt for the Calligaris Fifties Upholstered Stool; the pops of colours from the cushion can look marvellous next to any kitchen island, but if you’re looking for something a little more rustic, then why not fall head over heels for the Reclaimed Swivel Stool? Just remember, you don’t need to have a traditional dining room in order to have a dining space.

Minimal is Timeless

Sometimes, the best way to go is with a minimalistic approach; it’s the best way to get what you need in the limited space that you have. Besides, you can never go wrong with this as it is completely timeless too. You’ll want to stick to minimal storage solutions such as floating shelves on the wall, monochromatic colour schemes, and simplistic shapes for your furniture, such as our Cody Dining Chair being paired with Ford Extending Dining Table. Overall, it’s about the simplistic approach, and this can truly allow your space to shine!

Take It Outside

If your home is just too small for a dining space, sometimes the best solution is to think outside the box - literally! There’s nothing wrong with taking it outside; everyone can benefit from fresh air anyways. Being able to create a dining room outside is a great way to maximise space while also adding an element of charm and uniqueness to your home. It doesn’t matter what the size is of your outdoor area; it can be a small balcony, a cosy patio, or a spacious backyard; there are so many ways to create an inviting dining area using garden furniture.  

Plus, all of this can seamlessly blend in with the great outdoors too. Consider incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, or even plants to create a sense of harmony between your indoor and outdoor spaces. And don't forget to add some cosy lighting, comfortable patio set, and weather-resistant tableware to make the most of your new dining space!

Create A Cosy Breakfast Nook 

Known for being cute and cosy; you can never go wrong with this option when you have a small dining space. They’re actually one of the more popular options as they provide an intimate dining experience that is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or a quick bite to eat. 

Creating a breakfast nook can be as simple as finding a small corner of your kitchen or dining room and adding a small table and some comfortable seating. Often times you’ll find small benches with plenty of cushioning, such as stylish throw pillows with some personal touches, such as photos or flowers. You can count on the small breakfast nook to create a warm and welcoming space!

Utilise A Focal Point 

You can actually count on a focal point that is beneficial for your small dining room. It can add visual interest and draws the eye away from the limited square footage. Thankfully, it’s really easy to create a focal point and you don’t need professional interior design skills to do this. 

You can achieve this by using a statement piece, such as a unique light fixture or accessory. But you’re not limited to these two options. If you’re wanting to bring a bit of an edge, you can create a feature wall by painting it, adding a patterned wallpaper, or going the fun route with a gallery wall. Just remember that when creating a focal point, less is often more, so choose one or two statement pieces and let them shine!

Don’t Be Afraid of Adding Plenty of Colour 

While neutral colours for dining rooms make a room feel large and airy, this isn’t going to be everyone’s taste. Besides, maybe you’re wondering, “How can I make my dining room look nice?” and the answer is going to be colour! Don’t be afraid to add plenty of colour to your dining space! Adding those fun pops of colour will help bring a lot of personality to the room. There are so many ways to do this from:

  • A statement centre piece

  • Bouquets of flowers

  • Bright artwork

  • Funky table cloths

  • Wallpaper for a refreshing look

  • Brightly coloured dining furniture

Just make sure to stick with a colour palette that’s bright and inviting, as you’re going to want to aim for something that doesn’t make the space appear busy.

What’s the Best Dining Chair and Table for Your Small Dining Room?

When it comes to the best dining chairs and tables for small dining rooms, what’s going to matter is how well it’s going to work with the limited space it has. You need furniture, chairs included, that offer a small footprint. 

Extendable dining tables will be one of the best options as these can sit nicely against a wall and shift in size when needed for guests. Even the classic roundtable can be an excellent choice, especially one that offers a central pedestal rather than multiple legs. Foldable chairs can do wonders for limited spaces, but multifunctional chairs can also do the trick.

How to Choose Furniture For Small Dining Room?

The main goal is to get dining furniture that works with the space it has, so anything too large can affect foot traffic and will make the space appear too cramped. Instead, you’ll want to keep the furniture light, something with tall and slim legs, furniture that accommodates corners and can make the space feel taller than it actually is. 

This means that you’ll need to accurately measure out your dining room and get the measurements of all the furniture you’re eyeing for your space, which will be crucial. By knowing the measurements, you’ll be able to stop yourself from purchasing any furniture that isn’t going to work well with the space.

Where To Find Small Dining Room Furniture?

It doesn’t always need to be a challenge to get the perfect dining room space of your dreams; with a little planning, you can take your dining area to the next level. When you’re looking for space-saving dining room furniture, don’t forget about Caseys! Caseys have been making your house a home for over 100 years by offering high-quality dining furniture that can withstand the tests of time. You can count on us to bring stylish and modern furniture, even to the smallest of dining rooms! Check out our dining room furniture today!