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How To Choose Your Dream Mattress | From Foam to Springs

Where to Start...

Everyone has their idea of a perfect mattress, with the wide variety of materials, thickness, and firmness offered, it's important to think about what works best for you. As it’s going to affect your overall health, you need to consider it closely. Trusting yourself now to make the decision to get the perfect mattress will significantly help you transform your quality of sleep every night. 

So, here are some considerations you should think about while you look for your perfect mattress.

Consider What Mattress Type You Want

There are so many different types of materials out there for mattresses, and this could have a potential impact on how you sleep as well as your lifespan too. Plus, with the advancements in mattress technology constantly changing, it just keeps leaving for more options. 

You'll want to ask yourself whether you're a hot sleeper that needs a breathable mattress, preferences on sustainability, whether you want something soft like a foam mattress, or are you wanting the traditional route like a spring system mattress? It always helps to try out different mattresses too.
What Level Of Firmness Do You Need?

Think about your sleeping habits - do you prefer a soft or firm surface? Do you have any medical issues that may require additional support? If you have a partner, what are their preferences? It can sometimes be a challenge to share the same bed when you both have different preferences. Maybe you prefer something very soft, while they prefer a more firm mattress. In cases like this, you could always get a bed that accommodates two single mattresses.

Mattress Size

As a child grows, they need to have a mattress that accommodates their growing bodies. They'll need a mattress that's 3 feet long in size, but it's going to eventually get to the point where they'll need one that's 5 feet or even 6 feet in length. 

But it's not just children; it's everyone; you just can't expect to sleep comfortably if your legs are dangling off a mattress. So make sure you choose a mattress for yourself that's the proper length and size for you.

How You’ll Benefit By Changing Your Mattress

Upgrading your mattress can offer you a whole world of better sleep and better health. Generally speaking, you can expect bedtime to be a lot better. But let's take a closer look at the two major benefits that you can get from switching your mattress.

Better Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for our overall well-being. With wear and tear over time, mattresses lose their effectiveness and become less responsive to your body's needs. Besides, who likes waking up with aches and pains? While it's vital to have better sleep, a bad mattress makes it far more challenging. 29% of respondents admitted to watching Netflix in bed, autoplay only encouraging the urge to watch one more episode.

If you're wide awake due to a lack of comfort, you're going to try to find ways to entertain yourself until you're able to sleep. But if you need some entertainment before falling asleep, then an old fashion book might help. In fact, a study from the University of Sussex concluded that reading can reduce stress by 68%. This helps with clearing the mind and preparing the body for sleep. No surprise that half of those surveyed in Ireland choose to read a book to prepare for sleep.

Reduced Aches and Pains

Just as pillows will lose their shape and fluff over the years, the same can be said for mattresses. This can put a strain on your muscles and joints while you sleep, resulting in waking up feeling stiff or with lingering pain throughout the day. By upgrading to a new mattress that provides proper support for your body type and sleeping position, you can alleviate these issues and wake up feeling refreshed. 

It's important to note that not all types of pain may be directly related to your mattress - factors such as underlying medical conditions or poor posture during the day could also play a role. However, if you notice recurring discomfort upon waking that improves throughout the day or worsens when you're lying down, it's worth considering whether an updated mattress could help address the issue.

Perfect Your Sleep with Caseys Furniture

At Caseys Furniture, we offer a vast range of mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive, aimed at providing you with the best possible sleeping experience. Our mattresses come in a variety of styles, from memory foam to pocket springs, catering to all sleeping preferences and budgets. Investing in a quality mattress today will ensure that you wake up feeling revitalised and prepared to tackle the day ahead. Have a restful night's sleep and sweet dreams!