Styling for Summer

Are you Summer ready? As temperatures rise and restrictions ease, garden gatherings with family and friends are near the top of people’s agendas. To do this, making the most of your outdoor space is a must.

Here are easy ways to style your space:

1. It is important to have plenty of seating options to be able to invite family and friends over again. A modular corner set can provide a lot of seating space for garden gatherings!

2. If you want to enjoy breakfast in the sun or a glass of wine in the evening a compact bistro set can be the perfect option. It can turn your space (small or large) into the perfect dining area for two.

3. Although we are all hoping for a beautiful, warm Spring and Summer it may not always be the case. A firepit set can not only be perfect for dining but can also keep you warm and provide some ambient lighting at night.

        4. Sliding pocket doors keep the flow working seamlessly. With no perceived barrier, indoor dining feels closely connected to the outside. Enjoying the comfy outdoor seating in the warm days and moving indoors when the weather isn’t as favourable.

        5. Greenery spilling indoors makes for a really engaging backdrop, with lots of colour and texture. Large planters by the sliding doors welcome the garden into our extension rather than blocking it off.

        6. Soft furnishings are easy to move, creating a diverse, comfortable space, no matter the time of day. Fire pits, along with cushions and throws really change that daytime sunbathing spot into a cosy evening one so that the outdoor space can be enjoyable and comfortable well in to the night.

        7. Using natural building materials further integrates indoor and outdoor living. Cork is a beautiful, versatile product – we used it on the external cladding of the extension. Not only is it thermally efficient (helping with insulation) but it’s 100% natural and hugely sustainable, requiring no additional chemical treatment.

8. A hanging chair or hammock in a patio corner is another way of making a relaxing nook. Sometimes it is nice to be able to enjoy the garden space on your own to relax or read a book. Hanging Egg Chairs are a great way to enjoy the sun in comfort.

        9. Match your garden layout and choice of plants to the overall aesthetic of your house. We've mixed larger evergreen plants with smaller perennials (which bloom during the summer months) for a riot of colour. It’s lovely catching a whiff of the lavender and roses when enjoying the space with friends.