8 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Christmas Early

The season is beckoning with its festive allure, so why not give yourself a stress-free Christmas and start early? Give yourself time to craft that perfect cosy nook and let every corner shimmer with festive vibes.

Getting Started Early on Christmas Preparation

Getting a jump-start on your Christmas prep isn't just being keen; it's smart. Planning ahead lets you budget carefully, dodge those pesky impulse buys, and keep the purse strings from getting too tight.

Starting early helps in reducing stress and gives you more time for what truly matters: enjoying the festive cheer. In a nutshell, getting ahead means more savings, less hassle, and a merrier Yuletide celebration. 

From seasonal decorating ideas for your space to furnishing your dining room and sorting stylish storage, here are some essential Christmas home inspirations to help you prepare your home for Christmas early:

1. Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your Christmas decorations can elevate and unify your home's festive look. Try the winter wonderland theme; decorate your living area with white candles, snow globes, and wintery figurines. Drape soft white or silver throws on sofas and chairs. Use a white tablecloth with gold runners or placemats, crystal glassware, white china with silver edging, and golden napkins.

2. Declutter

Start decluttering by organising each room and removing items you no longer need. Compile a list of unwanted items, considering old decorations or unused toys. 

Utilise multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans, coffee tables, and bookcases to declutter your space effortlessly.

3. Invest in Clever and Stylish Storage

For clutter-free Christmas home organisation, prioritise smart storage. Flip-top blanket boxes are perfect for offering hidden storage underneath a seat. Another great alternative to heavy storage items is to add storage underneath a dining bench.

Vertical storage options like display cabinets go a long way in creating space where it seems impossible. Organise your space by thinking upwards instead of outwards.

4. Set Up the Celebration Space

The living room is the heart of the home during the festive season. 

Start by setting up a beautiful Christmas tree as the centrepiece. Add festive home accessories like a lighted garland, holiday-themed throws and cushions, and candles to create a warm and festive atmosphere.

Nests of tables and occasional tables are also great. They can be brought out when you need more surface space, like having Christmas drinks, but then tucked away neatly when you don't need them.

5. Prepare your Dining Area

To prepare a welcoming Christmas dining area, make sure you have plenty of dining chairs for guests. Our Winston dining chair is a firm favourite, as it has the perfect balance between being a dining chair and being soft and comfortable enough for sitting for long chats after Christmas dinner. If you’re hosting in a smaller space, consider investing in an extendable dining table, ideal for those living room dining room combo areas.

6. Prepare for Overnight Guests

Clean and declutter the guest room. Use fresh sheets and plush pillows, and provide extra blankets and towels. If space is limited, consider a sofa bed. Versatile and practical, sofa beds can be used both during the day as a couch and at night as a comfortable bed. 

An ottoman can be a lifesaver,  providing a convenient place to store extra bedding for your guests. We have a range of standalone ottomans and beautiful ottoman bed frames. The Amelia Ottoman Bed Frame is a firm favourite at Caseys. It brings a sophisticated style while being a great space saver in your home at Christmas.

7. Make it Warm and Cosy

For a cosy Christmas house, add plush rugs, cosy throw blankets, and festive cushions to add texture and warmth to your space for a cosy Christmas atmosphere. Opt for warm and inviting colours such as earth tones, warm neutrals, or shades of red and green.

Enhance the holiday ambience with the soft glow of candles. Opt for holiday scents like cinnamon or pine. Use warm-toned string lights or lamps with soft bulbs for a welcoming glow.

8. Brighten your Space with  Lighting

Pendant lamps are a stylish and versatile lighting solution that can enhance the ambience of your small space. Hang pendant lamps above dining tables, kitchen islands, or living areas to create a focal point and add a touch of elegance. 

For a festive home exterior during the holidays, use energy-efficient LED string lights on porches, trees, and shrubs. Adorn your front door with a wreath, garlands, and luminary bags for a welcoming touch.

Start Your Christmas Prep Early at Caseys

Diving into your Christmas preparations ahead of time isn't just for the eager beavers; it's a seasoned strategy. And honestly, the festive season should be filled with joy and laughter, not overshadowed by last-minute scrambles and unnecessary stress. 

Being proactive with your Christmas prep ensures more savings, a smoother experience, and a Christmas celebration that's truly memorable. So why wait? Dive into Caseys' offerings and make this Yuletide the best one yet!

Caseys, with over 100 years of serving Irish homes, has you covered. Discover festive décor and furniture to transform your space. Browse our selections online or experience the magic in person at our Limerick or Cork stores.